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Relocation for Skilled Independents
Qualified professionals: Join our network and get seconded to your country of choice. Created by talent mobility experts who advise multinationals.
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attach_money 399 per month, current cohort


Which countries are available?
This list changes regularly based on a variety of factors, including our own capacity; get started on the application to see the current list.
How long can I go?
There is a minimum of six months (six months, in most countries, has significant tax implications, we base our service around this). There is no maximum time. Confidence in your income is a regulating factor.
What are the requirements to join?
Requirements vary based on the home and destination country pair, your income, specialization, years experience, education, and other factors including our capacity. Generally speaking, being technically skilled with good income gives you more options.
What is the application procedure?
You fill out an application. If it looks good in principle, we'll collect a (refundable) deposit and set you up on a call with a global mobility specialist. If everything is still good, we'll onboard you and get started.
I'm a self employed professional. How does all this work?
If accepted into the network, we will second you to our entity in the destination country. You will be employed by us, technically. You will be paid through our global payroll to ensure taxes and compliance. That's it.
What are the health benefits? How much do they cost? Is it optional?
Approaches vary per country. In most cases you will have access to public health benefits should you choose them, however we offer a competitive international/expat health insurance plan. Typically this will be $300-400/month. It is optional.
What does the monthly price include or not include?
Our current price of $399/month does not include: visa application fee (this varies per country), a health plan, tax return preparation, your relocation costs. There are no fees with our global payroll.
What is the deposit for? When is it refunded?
This is for the time of a global mobility specialist who will review your application and arrange a brief call with you. The deposit is one month of our service ($399 USD). It is refunded if we cannot proceed.
When does the monthly cost kick in?
When you receive official authorization to work in your destination country.
Can I stay on my home social?
Yes. This is normal for assignments in multinational companies. We can help you apply for a certificate of coverage.
What are the compliance protections?
We do a few things to help you that are hard. 1) We ensure the correct taxes are remitted to the proper authorities in your destination. 2) We help you avoid double taxation, primarily through tax credits or deductions offered in bilateral tax treaties. 3) We take liability and pay for any tax disputes that result from our methods of allocating tax between home and host authorities. 4) We assess permanent establishment risks in this type of secondment arrangement by evaluating the type of work you do.
This is a new concept to me. How should I think about this?
It's win-win. The destination country gains employment taxes and compliance, instead of expats doing work on tourist visas, which is not legal. Long term, talent circulation lifts all countries who host skilled talent; it's how a lot of innovation happens. We should also mention, just as countries want to attract skilled professionals, home-country companies also seek out skilled expats ("localized professionals") during new market expansion.